Find Talent

talentIf you’re looking for talent we’ve got it. We staff freelance and permanent positions. We read job descriptions carefully and get clarity when it’s needed. We can also help you define the kind of talent that will meet your needs best.

We know what it’s like to review a pile of resumes that are breathtakingly unsuited for the job description you wrote. We don’t like wasting time that way. Not ours, not yours. We meet all our candidates face to face before submitting them to our clients. We assess their career history, quality or work, personality and work ethic to get a feel for who they are and what kind of environment they will synergize with best.

We staff all kinds of creative talent, and all the account and project people who surround them. We know a lot of really good group account directors, business development people, project managers and account executives, to name a few.

Be unafraid of deadlines that sprint in your direction. Be fearless in the face of challenging clients. Go be smart and creative! It’s what you do. Leave the HR stuff to us. That’s what we do.

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